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Hey there fellow Change-Maker! I’m Rachelle Trahan and I help movers and shakers like you step even more fully into your life’s purpose. You know that you were put on this earth to do great things and to fulfill BIG mission, but lately, you seem to feel unclear, stuck or paralyzed in taking action to get there.

You know that arriving at the party, living BIG mission, would mean stepping out of that comfort zone. Only, risk aversive fear and doubt have other plans…they would rather see you play small, feel more constricted, and be more unseen, safely tucked inside the zone.

Every time you go to take action, fear and doubt, (the uninvited guests to the party), have you doubting your abilities, devising your own limitations and sabotaging your own efforts. So what do you do? You retreat to the safety, familiarity, and comfort of the zone.

Although initially, the zone feels safer and more certain, it eventually begins to feel stifling, constrictive, and even deadening to be living a life smaller than you’ve dreamed and smaller than you’ve been created for.

What you want is to STEP OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE, take BIG action, and make BIG contribution. Stepping out of your comfort zone will finally allow you to be the impact-maker you’re meant to be, and bring your vision and dreams to light.

Want to stop hiding, so you can show up bigger and brighter? Want to know how to make the leap from scared, fearing, doubting and playing small to centered, grounded, confident, and taking action?

I came into my coaching program with some big and scary goals, and honestly, ones that I, in my heart, didn’t really think were possible. I had been stuck for so long that it almost seemed like a fantasy that I could move forward again, especially in a fast way. I really just wanted to have that fire and hope again.

I had no idea what to expect with private coaching, and it was NOTHING like I thought it would be, it was so much better!!  All I can say is WOW!

After one month of coaching, I up-leveled my rank 2X , and a few months later, I advanced rank again! My heart is in such a better place with God, my family, my leaders and my business. I had no idea how vital it was to put the work in on myself to get my business to where I want to go. Rachelle has made such a huge impact in my business and in my life. I just look back in awe and gratitude.

Alana Wilson – Essential Oil and Wellness Educator

When I first started working with Rachelle, I was drowning in self-blame and regret.  But now I have clarity, stability, peace, strength, and confidence. I truly recognize that I am no longer that same person I was.

I find it difficult to adequately express the enormous impact working with Rachelle has had on my life. I feel like my success oozes and pours out of me in all aspects of my life. I am now a deliberate creator of my own life.  I live with intention and purpose, and most importantly have developed resources to help me with the future.  I now stand empowered, strong, and courageous.  Today, I am FIERCE!

I will forever be thankful that Rachelle came into my life at the exact right moment.  The universe set her right smack dab in my path and it was the best thing I could ever come across.  She stopped me in my tracks and challenged me to be more, to give myself more, to love myself more! Thank you, my dear friend, from the bottom of my heart!

Emily Coutts – Clinical Nurse Educator & Les Mills Body Pump Instructor

Working with Rachelle has been one of the greatest gifts to my life. She has assisted me with becoming clear about my mission which has saved me time, energy, and frustration. I felt lost, running in all directions before coaching with Rachelle and now I have the clear tracks to begin fulfilling my Soul’s Destiny.  Since coaching together multiple things have happened:

I attracted an apprenticeship around the same time we began coaching together that has taught me more about Divine Feminine Energy and Speaking my Truths.

I created clarity around my mission– and have been able to identify the fear that keeps me going in a loop of procrastination.

I discovered my personal self-limiting beliefs and core beliefs I had not recognized before we spoke.

Coaching with Rachelle has been a blessing, and her kind and empowering coaching style soothed my soul with each phone call. I feel empowered, happy, in abundance, and in control of my life and that to me is priceless. I look forward to creation through a lens of love rather than a lens of fear. Rachelle has been the greatest coach, mentor, and friend and I recommend all women who are ready to rise to coach with her! You deserve it!

Sheri Homayoon – CEO SheriAZHomayoon, Inc

After leaving my former career, I had been in a state of transition and limbo.  I didn’t have a vision of what I wanted to do next in life and didn’t know how to begin developing that vision on my own.  Rachelle helped me to identify what I want in life – not by traditional goal-setting, thank goodness, Instead, Rachelle taught me how to tune into my heart and my gut.  She helped me uncover my inner compass and showed me how to check in with this inner compass in different situations as a way to start aligning with what I really want to feel, have, and be in life.

A coaching session with Rachelle often feels like having an amazing conversation with a good friend, but the changes that follow are always awe-inspiring.  Sometimes these changes appear immediately after a coaching session, and sometimes they appear days, weeks, or months later.

Every session with Rachelle leaves me feeling a little less “stuck.”  Even though I know I can make progress on my own I love the momentum I gain with Rachelle’s guidance. Positive change seems to unfold exponentially faster, as if someone handed me a remote so I can hit the “fast forward” button and more quickly align with a life of purpose.  If you’ve never experienced this feeling, I’d have to ask, “What are you waiting for?”

Erynne M. Blackburn

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